A Milestone Reached: Reflections from a Happy Mom

Yesterday I heard the dentist say, “Your daughter has no more baby teeth to lose.”  The tears hid inside my eyes and my heart, while happy, sank a bit too.  “Where has the time gone?” I thought quietly to myself.  I’ve been a mom for 11+ years now and although the time has flown there are times that I think back to and wish I could somehow get a ‘re-do’.  Although my degree in Elementary Education and my years of experience with kids before that prepared me for the developmental stages of childhood (and gave me a solid repertoire of activities to keep kids entertained), nothing prepared me for the emotional stages I would go through.  I went from a blissful new mom to just a few short years (and a few kids) later a mom who was overwhelmed, stressed-out and angry.  The moments of frustration that I took out on my girls linger as a sour memory.

For all that we gain with being a mom, hugs and smiles, hands to hold and artwork to cherish, oftentimes we lose something too.  We lose a good night’s sleep.  We lose our privacy.  We lose our autonomy to go where we want and do what we want, even if only for a season.  But sometimes we lose something even more valuable…OURSELVES.  Yes, it is a common trap moms fall into.  Under the umbrella of ‘doing what is best for everyone else,’ we sacrifice ourselves to such a degree, that we turn around and wonder where our carefree days went.  We wonder why we feel clouded over with negativity.  We feel desperate to be a better mom, we WANT to be better, but we don’t know what we can do differently.

So as I walked out of the dentist’s office, my three girls hopping into the minivan, listening to the laughter on the way home, I smiled.  Why?  Because things can change!  I am no longer angry or frustrated or overwhelmed anymore.  I don’t feel guilty taking a break, saying ‘no’, stepping back and slowing down to do what I need to to do take care of myself first.  But this didn’t happen overnight.  In fact, I had to learn the hard way what NOT TO DO in order to come out on the other side smiling.  So if you want to know what you can do to be a happier mom, if you want to enjoy your kids more, if you want to find yourself again and not look back years from now with that regret, “I wish I’d yelled less.  I wish I had smiled more.  I wish I wasn’t so stressed out.” then sign up now for our free 4 lesson Video e-Course where you will learn how to “Find more time for you and be happier too.”

Remember when mom is happy…everyone is happy too!  Now is the time to put yourself back on the priority list and I will show you how.  Sign up below.

April O'Leary

April O’Leary is a Certified Life Coach, Author and Founder of the University of Moms. She happily resides in Florida with her husband and three daughters. For more info visit uofmoms.com and apriloleary.com

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  • Thanks Rachel for your encouragement. Always nice to hear! I can’t wait to have you there at the conference. It will be a weekend we will never forget. I promise. 🙂 April

  • Rachel Cairney

    Your e-newsletter is fantastic, April…beautifully designed and chock full of information! I can’t wait until registration opens for your fall weekend so that I can make a committment to it AND TO MYSELF that I’m going! I love what you are doing for moms!!!