Conscious Parenting: Raising the next generation to new heights!

Photo Credit:  Matt,

Photo Credit: Matt,

Like so many other people, I have a dream.  This dream of mine began small…under my own roof in fact.  But, the more I learn and invest myself into the process and potential of this concept, the greater my desire to be an instrumental part of seeing the dream become a reality not only for my home,  but for homes throughout THE WORLD.  I firmly believe it can be done, I just wonder if it will be a reality during my lifetime…

What is this dream you ask?

My dream, along with a growing number of others, is the ability to experience what the world would be like to live in if the next generation of children were raised by parents determined to do so consciously.

How can those of us who are working toward conscious parenting build the momentum of this dream?

For starters it means regularly sharing the idea with other parents.  For example, I recently knew three babies born so I bought a copy of The Conscious Parent for each family as a gift.  The recipients will need to be open to take a risk and an  initiative to evaluate their parenting with an open mind.  They would ideally begin to understand much of our child rearing skill comes from what we have experienced in our own upbringing.  While our parents may have loved us very, very much, they were not raised in a way that honored their authentic being, therefore they were unable to raise us in a way that honored our inner self.

Instead, previous generations of people have been raised to believe it is the parent who carries the power, deserves all of the respect, and whom should be honored and obeyed without question.  As a result of many generations raised with those ideals in mind, there have been untold amounts of emotional wounds passed down.  If we choose to continue to ignore,  or to approach parenting the same way our elders did, those emotions will be given to our own children.  When we neglect to tend to our own emotional baggage and uncover, layer by layer, our own authentic life we are doing not only ourselves, but the next generation, a disservice.

And the emotional burden and unauthentic living will never end.

Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and all parents before them did what they knew to do to raise children.  We now have a more enlightened answer and path.  

When we know better, we must do better.  Therein lies the hope in the conscious parenting movement.

Having the courage to look at the relationship we have with ourselves, and with our children.  To look in the past long enough to recognize where we need to change in the present to positively affect future outcome. Easy, no.  Worthwhile, yes!

Because when we can look at our child as a teacher, rather than as our student, and we comprehend they were brought into the world to serve a purpose which can only be revealed through our attuned presence with them in tandem our encouragement, support, and unconditional love.  The power and practice of this idea will help make the dream of conscious parenting a reality!

Kimberly Muench

Kimberly Muench is a freelance writer who published her autobiography My Mothers Footprints: A Story of Faith, Calm, Courage, Patience and Grace in 2011. In addition, Kimberly writes weekly on her own website about faith, family, marriage and personal growth. Kimberly is a wife and mother to five children who hails from Wisconsin, but now makes her home in Texas.

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  • Connie Criscitello

    I’ve been studying it for several years, although I am a grandparent. If I were to sum it up I’d say conscious parenting is treating your child with respect; allowing him or her to be their authentic selves and not your idea of what they should be. Many times I see parents who berate their children for behaviors that the parent models for them every day. Alot of unconscious parents think their children should be 100% happy 100% of the time and will take any other emotion the child expresses as an opportunity to discipline the child. I know that sounds harsh, but when you start learning about how children are marginalized and treated more like property than as little humans that will someday be in charge of the world….you will be horrified when you see how pervasive it is in our society. I have made great strides with my grandsons in helping to break that cycle of unconscious parenting, but it’s like pulling teeth sometimes to get their mother (my daughter) to understand the concept. Here’s a link to a great video that explains the premise perfectly. It’s very entertaining and informative:

  • Chris Carter

    I don’t understand what conscious parenting actually is… is there somewhere that explains this? It seems it is a book, yet I don’t really understand how this is different from other parenting styles. I’m guessing you are putting more power in the child than the parent? Hmm… I’m just struggling to get a good understanding of this. I believe in mutual respect, but I also believe the parents absolutely have the power and authority over their children.

    I am looking forward to learning more about this though… I may be speaking out of ignorance, seeing as I don’t really understand it clearly at all.