The Importance Of Me-Time For Moms

Most women choose to become mothers when the time feels right to them. And, of course, there are those women who are taken by surprise at the news of being pregnant. Women who have already given birth to children before should theoretically remember what it is that they should expect. First-time mothers on the other hand might have a harder time sorting things out. The truth of the matter is that motherhood forces all women to go through a number of nonstop tests as a person – more than anything else they might have experience so far. While being a mom is a genuine blessing, it is not a walk in the park. But it is definitely an experience prone to bring about more joy and happiness than one ever thought was possible to live. A fulfilling career, job, or hobby can also trigger similar feelings into a person. But the truth is nothing truly compared to the unique thrills that only parents can experience.

Speaking of hobbies, one essential item on the list of things that are mandatory to maintain a mother’s state of well-being is connected to finding and keeping a hobby. But this of course requires the existence of sufficient spare time that will actually allow mothers to put their passions or hobbies into practice. Namely, me-time. Why is this time so important for mothers?

Me-Time Helps You Remember You Are A Person!

Often times, mothers tend to get completely absorbed by their children,; and they forget they are still women, wives, life partners, or daughters on their own. They tend to lose themselves in the idea of motherhood and its many demands, cave in to their kids’ requests nonstop, and completely disregard themselves as standalone persons.

Children have a hard time understanding their mothers are persons too, with wants and desires, feelings and the need to put their hobby into practice every now and then. But mothers need to fully understand the importance of spending time by themselves, without playing the role of parents, even if it is for the shortest amount of time. You need to learn how to give yourself permission to enjoy yourself, do something you find pleasure in or something that you kept postponing for a while. The truth of the matter is that you do not actually need any permission from anyone to do the things that you enjoy doing most. But you will need to act smart and clear your schedule, find someone to watch the kids while you enjoy your hobby, or come up with a clever solution is a babysitter is not on top of your list.

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April O'Leary

April O’Leary is a Certified Life Coach, Author and Founder of the University of Moms. She happily resides in Florida with her husband and three daughters. For more info visit and

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