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The Worlds Toughest Job…what is it?

I hate to admit it but what I thought was the toughest job is not what this is about and it struck me in a way that I thought it was worth sharing.  

Before I watched it my mind jumped to a few conclusions as to what it would be about…

Top on my list were:

  • Alaskan fishing jobs (I saw a movie on this once documenting how dangerous it is and it has just stuck with me…not sure why I put this on top of the list but it was the first thing that came to mind)
  • Police officer in an inner city ghetto (dealing with drug dealers and gangsters seems really tough..that’s an understatement I’m sure)
  • US Soldier (goes without saying, no explanation needed here!)
  • Neurosurgeon (like Dr. Ben Carson…who separates conjoined twins)
  • ….something along these lines..

But it wasn’t any of these.  This is a real job interview for a real job put on by a real boss.  Comment below when you are done and let me know what you thought it was!



How to Make Fake Poop

Ok this isn’t my typical post, but if you have spent any time with me at all you’d know I’m quite the joker.  As my mother tells me I really do have a junior high sense of humor.  One year (I was probably in the 6th grade) I covered the toilet in our house with clear Karo corn syurp.  My mom sat in it and got her butt stuck to the toilet…or at least she played along that she did!

I remember fondly her voice yelling, “APRIL…!!!”  That was a great day.

So when my girls, in typical Eichhorn fashion (my dad and his brothers are quite the pranksters too), were on YouTube they came across this ‘fake poop’ video and we were all laughing hysterically.  But I would have never guessed what would happen next.

Photo Mar 25, 7 08 00 PM

I left last evening to take a quick ride up to the airport to pick my mother up from her trip out to visit my sister in CA and upon my return I was being videoed by my middle daughter Molly.  Strange.

Then in the words of Clement Moore in his famous poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’,

When what to my gleaming eyes should appear,
but poops lying ’round the house oh so clear!

The funny part of it was when I threw one in the garbage and Monty, our dog, came right up and ate it out!  With April Fool’s Day right around the corner you might want to whip up a batch and trick your kids…

Here are a few very appropriate ideas:

1) Put a poop in their lunch box in a Ziploc bag
2) Leave one lying on their bathroom floor next to the toilet and act surprised (maybe even blame them)
3) Freak out your spouse by leaving one on the toilet seat and act horrified (blame him)!

Why blame them? It just adds to the fun and makes it seem that you are not a part of the disgusting scene…until you bust out laughing!

Here is the video with a simple recipe.  Enjoy!

What are the best memories you have of April Fool’s Day?  What are your best pranks?

Share them below and we can all try them out for some super family fun.  One lucky mom will win an e-copy of Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living.    That is no joke…


2 Free Mother’s Day Gifts For YOU!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I come bearing gifts to show you how much I value you as a member of our community of moms.  I don’t take it lightly that you take the time to read these blog posts.  I think it is wonderful that you make it a priority to be happy and learn whatever you can so that you can be the best mom you can be and this is my small way of saying, “You’re Awesome!”

The University of Moms Sticker can be yours free!1)  The first gift is a University of Moms auto sticker and a personal hand-written note of encouragement.  Look how cute it is!  I have one on my car (you can see my hand taking that picture) and many other moms do too.  Join the revolution!  To claim yours please email me at april at apriloleary dot com with your mailing address and I will stick one in the mail to you on Monday with a personal note of encouragement.  How often does that happen?  REAL MAIL!  Yes, real handwritten mail…just for you…and feel free to share something about you, your family, your successes your struggles.  I would be happy to respond!
Get your digital copy of Ride the Wave today.  Expires at midnight.2) The second gift is a digital copy of my book Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living.  In it I describe my challenges as a mother of 3 girls under the age of 5, how I fell into frustration, anger and resentment and how I was able to turn a marriage on the brink of divorce around.  Yes, we are still happily married today.  You can do it too, if you follow my simple system which I have outlined for you in the book.  To get your copy of Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living (value $8.99 on Kindle) CLICK HERE. Offer expires at midnight tonight.

“What can you do for me?” you asked.  That’s so sweet of you to think of me…I really appreciate it.  If you could share this post with 3 mommy friends with a personal note about the University of Moms and invite them to join us at that would be a wonderful gift..not just for me, but for them too!

You are also invited to download the University of Moms App!  
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Finishing School
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If you have been detailed enough to read all the way to the end you’ve just found one more way I’d love to support you.  Schedule a free 30-minute coaching consultation.  I’d be happy to hear from you.  Much love to you today and always!  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Treat yourself kindly and embrace the woman you are!  Remember when you are with the University of Moms….being a happy mom just got easier!  Love you all!  April


Moms Need a Break Too!

I’ve always wanted to write children’s books. How about you?  After reading thousands of them to my girls, and having been an elementary teacher in a former life, I kind of ‘get’ the format.  So instead of just telling you what’s up in a normal fashion I thought I’d tell you in a story format.  So snuggle up in a warm blankie and get a cup of hot tea and read your preview copy of:

The Short, Intriguing and Funny Birth
of the Happy Mom Conference
by, April O’Leary

Once upon a time…ok, not that long ago…ok, to be honest it really all started back in January, April O’Leary got this great idea for a mom’s conference one morning while out on a run.  (She always get her best ideas at 5 a.m., in the dark, alone out on the road…but I do digress…) So she thought about it.  “This could be a super fun idea! Yay!  BUT I’ve never done this before. Boo.  BUT I think it’s a super fun idea…Yay!,” and so the thoughts went on plaguing her until…she took action.

HINT: Taking action is the key if you’re in limbo. Just make the best decision you can from the info you have and move forward.  Let the end results shake out in the wash (as long as it’s sensible I mean…I do digress again….)

So here’s what she did.  April invited a few mom friends out for a breakfast meeting and she called a few others too and said, “Hey, what do you think of this conference?  Would you come?  Do you have any suggestions?  Good idea?  Bad idea?” and they said “Yay! We’ll come…but let’s change a few things first…there that’s better.”  They helped April refine her ideas tremendously (she is eternally grateful for their input…they know who they are!) and the structure of the Happy Mom Conference was born.

“Then what happened, April?” you ask.  Well thanks for asking!  I’ll tell you what happened next.  April put on her nicey nice clothes and heels and showed up at the Hyatt Coconut Point by herself to meet with Mike Doltch, the catering manager, to tell him about her idea for a Happy Mom Conference.  She loves pretending to be an adult!  You know you can never grow out of playing ‘dress-up.’

Phew.  That took some courage.  She even brought a notebook to look real official.  He asked her tons of specific questions like “How many people are coming?  What do you want to serve?  What dates are you looking at?” to which she said, “Hmmm, not sure about that one.  Oh, I see.  I need to tell you specifics.  Let me figure that out.”  That’s what happens when you take a leap of faith and plan something from an inspired idea…you just have to figure it out along the way.

Well that’s what she did.  Since that initial meeting she has been thinking of you A LOT…and of her old self and where she was just 6 short years ago.  Have you read her book Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living?  No?!  What?  You have to.  She was crazy back then (don’t tell her I said that!) but she tells it all in there.  Wow, it’s a doosie!  Frustrated mom meets angry housewives in Orange County…or something like that….

Anyhow she started asking herself, “If I were me back then when I was desperately needing a break and I was constantly running on empty what would I have wanted?  What would have been a life-saver for me?”  Here’s a little known secret about April.  Don’t tell anyone.  She used to dream of having a surgery or something like that just so she could get a night away!  Gosh, she was desperate…again don’t tell her I said that!

Now of course, I know that is not you, but I caution you that if you don’t take regular breaks and replenish your energy, trust me sister, it could be you in a few years.  Don’t balk at that one, it’s true.  I’ve seen it happen MANY times over.

So after many contracts back and forth and ideas refining and time passing quickly she wanted to tell you that today, IT IS FINISHED!  Well not entirely finished…you see she’s planned it but there is still one thing missing.  One thing she told me she can’t seem to do herself (yes like most moms, she likes to do it on her own, she’s one of those ‘do it yourself-ers’…but this one…well she needs your help…) and that is she needs YOU to come!

So how will this story end?  That is up to you!  Gee, it turns out this is like a ‘choose your own adventure book…who knew!”  So which page will you turn to next…

Will April realize her vision of the conference filled with happy moms, learning, laughing, having fun or will she be there alone, sitting in a corner, wishing she had never taken action in the first place?

You decide.  The rest is still unwritten…stay tuned for the conclusion of this gripping tale……this is NOT THE END!

So do you think I have what it takes to write children’s books?  Have you written something lately that you’d like to share with me?  Hit reply and send it over.  I’d be happy to check it out.

Also please take 1 minute (seriously it’s only 1 minute!) and watch the video below to see the TOP 10 reasons why you HAVE TO come spend the weekend with me at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point this Sept. 14-15.  There are WAY more than 10 reasons, but I boiled it down to the best ones….


I’m not sure what else to tell you except COME!  Ask for it for a Mother’s Day gift.  Invite a friend. And let me remind you that taking some time away to refuel your energy, learn something new and come away recharged and ready for the demands of motherhood is healthy.  In fact, it is necessary.  So in the words of Nike, “Just do it!”

Much love to you today and always!  Remember when you are with the University of Moms….being a happy mom just got easier!



A Mom is NOT…a Cup Holder?

This made me laugh!  I couldn’t help but share it with you.  I am sure you can relate with the wisdom the Rhiana shares in her article that was featured last week in the huffington post.  Click here for the original article.

12 Things a Mom Is Not

To my dearly mistaken children:

Over the past five and a half years, you have developed a skewed vision of my job description. When I signed up for a lifetime career as “mommy,” I wasn’t prepared to add numerous new skills to my resume, skills such as expert nose-wiper and dependable garbage-disposal.

That said, I totally understand your confusion. At times, I have openly volunteered myself for each and every one of these tasks. However, you need to understand that I did not sign an ironclad contract to be available at all times for each and every one of these menial jobs.

While I do love you with every ounce of blood flowing through my overly-exhausted body, your bodily fluids and tiresome demands for “right now!” are not as endearing. So, for the time being, please view this as a letter of resignation from the following duties:

1. Wipe rag. My shirt may be white, but it was not made by Kleenex. Next time you are in need of a tissue, I will be happy to point you in the direction of the nearest box.

2. Cup holder. (Thank you, Lisa Belkin)- Just because my hands may be empty at this particular moment does not mean that they are open for service. I would like to introduce you to a new concept: the table.

3. Teething toy. (Thank you Farah Miller)- When you were just a wee babe, I nursed you through the teething pain of your first few teeth. However, you no longer suckle at my breast, and my inner thigh is not a nipple.

4. Chauffeur. Although I may drive you around town from school to swimming to gymnastics, while you lounge in the back seat sipping water from a bottle and thumbing through paperback books, no one has ever offered to pay me for this service. Therefore, there will be no, “Mom, I need to go to my friend’s house right now!” until you tender me a healthy stipend.

5. Personal butler. Notice that only the highest of aristocrats on Downton Abbey retain their own personal butler. You, my dears, are not the Earl and Countess of Grantham, and I am no scullery maid. You can pick up your own socks.

6. Bean Bag Chair. When I am lying on the couch, relaxing after a long day of playing Super Kitties and Uno, this is not an open invitation to leap off the back of the sofa onto my unprotected stomach. Please no not mistake my squishy post-baby belly as any form of jumpable cushion.

7. Olympic Judge. I sincerely do not care who ran faster from the coffee table to the kitchen, and I am definitely not going to adjudicate which of your preformed the better underwater handstand. If you must make every sibling interaction into a competition, I will be in the other room.

8. Royal Food Taster. No one is trying to poison you with steamed spinach. It tastes fine. Just eat it.

9. Canvas for painting. My Scottish heritage may have bequeathed me with a pasty, white complexion, similar to that of a drawing canvas, but it is my pale skin, which I prefer to leave free of Crayola markers and water-color paint. You may use a piece of paper.

10. Short order cook. Not a fan of the dinner I just made? Well, I wasn’t really a fan of the present you left me in your diaper, but I soldiered on and so will you.

11. Make-up model. Yes, there was that one time I allowed you to apply blush and mascara to my face, but in my mind, it was really just a one-time deal.

12. Trash can. I understand that when you finish your kid-size Clif Bar, you truly think, “You know who wants this wrapper? Mom wants it!” Unfortunately, my lovely, little spawn, contrary to the food stains on my blouse, I am not a waste bin.

Now, that we have cleared up the confusion, please excuse me while I go fold your father’s underwear. He will be receiving his own letter soon.

Yours truly,


Rhiana Maidenberg

Writer, wife, and mother of toddlers