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#Hashtag Use for Twitter in Business

This morning I gave a talk to some amazing women in business about the benefit of using Twitter in your business.  It’s amazing how robust it is!  Seriously, it still makes my head spin sometimes. 

Well I was testing out my new green screen and decided to do a video tutorial on three ways to use hashtags for your business to drive traffic to your site, build your brand and spread your message in a bigger way.

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What is Twitter?

Just this past year I have really gotten into Twitter.  See that’s my Twitter profile right there! Come follow me @uofmoms ===>

Why, you might ask did I all of a sudden care about Twitter? When I was trained as a life coach I learned this sneaky little trick that I often do to myself to create my own break-throughs…want to know what it is?  Of course you do!

Make a list of all the things you know would NEVER work to solve your problem..then start trying them.
COACHING TIP: Often the answers to our biggest challenges lie in the areas that we have already discounted as a NEVER WORK solution.  
Let me give you a few examples, yoga could never help me lose weight, counseling would never help my marriage, religion is not for me…I’m just not that type of person.

So for me, in my business, I said one day to myself, “Twitter is so stupid. Who wants to waste their time on that?” and the light bulb went on and I knew that is what I had to do.  Since then I’ve connected with a lot of new people, increased my website traffic and had lots of fun.

What I do know is that if you haven’t seen the success you want in a certain area you need to try something new and different.  For me, in my business, that was Twitter.  Could that help you too? I’m betting it would!

Time: 9-10:30am
Where: Calistoga on Airport and Vanderbilt Beach Rd
Cost: Nothing
RSVP:  Email apriloleary at gmail dot com
Come learn how you can use Twitter for your business, what you need to know to keep up with your kids, and more.  You’ll learn about Twitter parties (yes I won a free pair of $100 shoes by participating in one), and hashtags and how to create a personal profile.  In just 90 minutes you’ll be a Twitter Whiz…well maybe not a whiz, but you’ll definitely know more than you did before.

Not in the area? Email me apriloleary at gmail dot com now and let me know you’re interested for a virtual Twitter Tutorial and I’ll make it happen if we get at least 10 to join in.

Whether you run a business and want to use Twitter to brand your company and broadcast your message to a wider audience or whether you are curious about how to use Twitter to get your news quickly, connect with other people just like you and win free stuff, you must jump in on this!

Much love to you today and always!  Remember when you are with the University of Moms….being a happy mom just got easier!

April O’Leary
Certified Life Coach
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Author of Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living
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Twitter Tutorial for Moms

Hi to all you Tech-Savvy Mommies!  What?  You’re not super tech savvy?  You’ve got to be kidding me….

12 08 08 duct tape purseAlthough a lot of my work focuses on the emotional component of motherhood, one of my sub-goals as a life coach is to share with you my love of technology.  It’s nothing to be afraid of.  But I understand with its constantly changing face it can sometimes feel like you grew up in the dark ages, even though you might have had access to an Apple 2E or a Commodore 64 (like I did) or even now have a smart phone in your Coach purse (my custom purse shown here was created by my 11yo daughter Sadie out of duct tape).  Want one?  She’s taking orders!

When I jumped back into the ‘work world’ (meaning becoming a life coach…of course I was working my a** off as a mom before that…we all know that goes without saying)…anyhow…when I jumped back in to start my practice I had a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) learning curve to deal with.  I had a Facebook profile, but not a business page (why would I have?), I didn’t know a thing about blogs or website construction and I certainly didn’t know how to use my smart phone very well.

So the long and short of it is this, necessity is the mother of invention.  Right?  So I NEEDED to have a website built, but I had no money to do it.  My husband, thank goodness for his tech brains, turned me on to WordPress (the platform this site is built on) and let me loose to teach myself how to build my own site.

The good news is that just 3 years into it  I have built 5 websites, written over 100 blog articles (many of them are on my other site and built up a Facebook page to over 3,000 people and have written and published 2 books.  I’ve learned how to grow an email list, host and record a live tele-class and even launched my own virtual summer camp for moms that kicked off the University of Moms in June of 2012.

That is just scratching the surface.  Are you lost?  I hope not.  But the bigger question you might be asking is: Why am I sharing this with you?  It’s certainly not to toot my own horn.  I could honestly care less about that.  The reason is because I see moms getting left behind.  I can’t tell you the number of times that moms (as friends or clients) have said with hesitation, “Is it techy? I don’t know how to do that.”  And for them that is the end of the story.

But it’s not the end of the story because as moms we have a duty to stay current with the trends of technology.  Why?  Because we have to know what our kids are doing, because we have to maintain and improve our skills in order to continue to be ‘marketable’ in an ever-changing world, so that we can be self-sufficient and most importantly because it builds our confidence.

So in the fall I’m launching a Tech Tuesday class (virtually and locally here in Naples, FL) so be on the lookout for that and at the Happy Mom Conference I’m integrating technology so that you can come away with a sense of accomplishment and an “I can do this,” attitude.

Today you are going to learn about Twitter.  How to set up a profile.  How to use it.  What it means and more.  We are going to be USING Twitter at the conference through the live Twitter feed #uofmoms.  Don’t know what that means?  Then you definitely need to watch this video.


So open up wide, I’m going to feed you your Twitter (it tastes better than brussel sprouts, I promise) from none other than Dana Lynch.  

Dana is a mother of 3, a former attorney turned mobile marketing business owner.  She is the founder of Amplify Mobile Marketing and has created the University of Moms app you all enjoy.  If you don’t have it yet, get it on iTunes or Google Play. 

Without further ado, I introduce you to Dana and she’ll take it from here and teach you how you can set up your own personal twitter profile and start connecting with us over there.  

And look out for our twitter party Thursday, Sept 5th where you’ll get to try it out!  Want to meet Dana live and ask her your questions in person?  Come to the Happy Mom Conference the weekend of Sept 14-15 at the Hyatt Regency in Bonita Springs, FL!  More info and easy online registration click here.