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The Worlds Toughest Job…what is it?

I hate to admit it but what I thought was the toughest job is not what this is about and it struck me in a way that I thought it was worth sharing.  

Before I watched it my mind jumped to a few conclusions as to what it would be about…

Top on my list were:

  • Alaskan fishing jobs (I saw a movie on this once documenting how dangerous it is and it has just stuck with me…not sure why I put this on top of the list but it was the first thing that came to mind)
  • Police officer in an inner city ghetto (dealing with drug dealers and gangsters seems really tough..that’s an understatement I’m sure)
  • US Soldier (goes without saying, no explanation needed here!)
  • Neurosurgeon (like Dr. Ben Carson…who separates conjoined twins)
  • ….something along these lines..

But it wasn’t any of these.  This is a real job interview for a real job put on by a real boss.  Comment below when you are done and let me know what you thought it was!



Unjunk Your Mind and Your Plate

Family Food Experts Radio Show

Food can be such a touchy topic for parents and kids.  How do you get your children to eat healthy meals when all they want is pasta with butter, chicken nuggets and pizza? Well that can be a difficult challenge, but not impossible to solve.  

Join me with Ellen Briggs, founder of Kid Kritics and Stacey Antine, founder of HealthBarnUSA as we talk about the mindsets that prevent us from taking good care of ourselves and our children. This interview is full of ideas, recipes and fun.  Listen in as we solve some of the challenges parents face everyday.

Click Here to listen in NOW! 


Fall Semester Classes- OPEN

The air is finally cooling off a little bit here in Florida.  How about you?  Are you enjoying the change of seasons?  But despite the break from the hot summer sun, the holiday season can be a tough one for moms.  Not only are we busier than ever, but the pressure to make everyone else happy is heightened and it can leave us lacking for time, energy and patience.Although we all desire a ‘picture perfect’ family (and are eager to send cards showing everyone our happiness), behind closed doors we might be a little more stressed than we allow others (except our children) to see.So if you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are dreading the next few months or if you just want to find a better way to not only cope, but breeze through this time of year with a smile on your face, then you are reading the right email!

Give yourself the gift of education.  Our two University of Moms signature courses, led by me, are about to launch LIVE in just a few weeks.  They are aptly named Self-Care for Moms 101 and STOP Reacting 101 and in them I share the nitty gritty details of how I went from a stressed-out and unhappy mom (who yelled a lot) to a mom who is now calm, happy and patient.

Here is what one mom had to say who took both courses.  And check it out, she is a parent educator and and early intervention specialist!  Who would have thought she needed this course?  But she did!I originally decided to take the sample class because I thought It would be interesting and I could possibly use it to count for my job as a parent educator/ early intervention specialist for some continuing Ed classes. While taking the class I realized it was a blessing that it fell into my lap. I have 3 small children and the perfect life I had always dreamed of. Why then was our family full of so much yelling and reacting. Why did I feel out out control and not supported. Through April’s classes and incredibly supportive coaching I was able to dig deeper and realize I wasn’t taking care Of myself.  The stop reacting class was so wonderful for myself and my whole family. This class went above and beyond my expectations. April is a gifted life coach and the class and her coaching have truly been life changing for everyone in my family. ~Dana M., Family Counselor, NC
Each course is 4 weeks long and costs only $39.
Or take both classes for just $69 and get my book Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living free!
Click the images below to read the course descriptions.
So skip the new shoes or the monthly pedicure and invest in yourself.  Learn something new and then do something different and I guarantee you WILL get different results.  Like more peace in your house, less stress and rushing and a richer, deeper appreciation for yourself as a mother and a woman.If you can’t join us at the LIVE times as posted don’t worry.   The classes will be recorded and provided to you each week by email so you can listen in when it works best for you.  All live class options include a private Facebook group for support (optional) where you can ask questions and meet new mommy friends too.For the small amount of time and money required to participate, you will reap great rewards that will make your life happier.  You’re children will learn, from you, how to be proactive in life, not a victim, they’ll learn how to find constructive solutions to life’s challenges and how to manage their emotions with ease.

All of this is possible…and more!  How do I know?  Because my house is DIFFERENT than it was just 5 years ago.  It’s quiet.  It’s not stressful.  We look for answers together instead of pointing fingers at one another…and best of all I know how important it is to take charge of my own happiness. I’m not waiting around anymore for someone else to give it to me.  That is why I can honestly say…JOIN ME.  Let me show you how you can have all this too.

As always much love today and always.  Here’s to your peace.  Your happiness.  Your family.  Let it be a pillar for others to admire…all because you created it to be.

April O’Leary
Certified Life Coach
Founder of
Proud Mother of 3Author of Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living
Co-Author of Focus on You: Your Needs Matter Too! and

Self-Care tips for Moms

I shared some info with my friends over at Just Between Friends that I thought you’d like to see.  It comes from experience and a lot of trial and error.  More error than success frankly.  So although I am not always a perfect example, I am learning each day how to make sure I take care of me, so that I can take care of others to a greater degree.

Click here and you’ll see my TOP 3 TIPS for moms on how to take better care of yourself, and find more happiness in the busy-ness of life.

If you enjoy it please sign up to get our FREE 4-lesson Video Course called “Find Time For You And Be Happier Too!” these tips and more are shared along with exercises to help you uncover areas where you are getting stuck and how you can overcome some of these common self-care sabotage mindsets.

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Lots of love!!

 April O’Leary, Life Coach
Founder of the University of Moms
Creator of the Happy Mom Conference

Author of Ride the Wave and Focus on You
Proud mother of 3 girls



Free Happy Mom Resources

Finishing School

I am happy to share the new University of Moms Finishing School: Free Download page with you!  In it you’ll find lots of audio lessons, workbooks I’ve created over time, interviews and articles to help you on your journey towards greater peace and happiness as a mom.  There is no better place to be than when you are content with where you are at in life, you are in control of your emotions and you have enough time for you.  Trust me!

All of this material was learned the hard way, in the trenches being an at-home mother of 3 kids under the age of 5…by doing what didn’t work first.  As I got some outside help in the form of 8 weeks of therapy back in 2008 I learned that it is not selfish to take care of yourself.  Why hadn’t anyone taught me that before?!

So use these lessons as a lighthouse shining you towards the bay of peace.  You may be experiencing some rough waters now, but if you put what you learn into practice the waters will slowly calm down, your ride will become easier and the sun will start shining.  Enjoy the ride!

To get the whole library of goodies Click Here.  No email required, just my gift to you!


The Mommy Business Trip…and You Don’t Have to Have a Business to Take One!

I have neglected my blog for a while now, not because I don’t have anything to say, but simply because I don’t make the time to write.  So I have decided to make a change for the better.  Since I have now gotten the I’s dotted and the t’s crossed with the site and have launched ticket sales I thought it would be fun (for me anyways) to chronicle this journey.

So here is the honest truth.  I am totally inspired, totally exhausted, totally grateful and totally overwhelmed with the enormity of what I am taking on.  But as Napoleon Hill says in “Think and Grow Rich” (paraphrased from memory) your IDEAS are what make you rich.  Not that I am looking for riches, sure it would be great to have them, but I feel blessed already to have been given an IDEA that inspires me.

This work keeps me up at night.  It is all I talk about during the day.  It is all I can think about.  I picture you coming to the conference and me hugging you as you walk in.  A sigh of relief from hundreds of moms, needing a break, and it has finally come in the form of this conference.  This time is meant solely to focus on who THEY are, not their role of ‘mommy,’ but allowing the person that is them to emerge once more.

I know this, because I was there not 20 years ago (ok I would have only been 15 then, but you get the point).  I was in that overwhelmed, frustrated, trapped and exhausted state just 6 years ago.  My youngest is 6, so that is about when I crashed.  Taking little to no time for yourself for 6 years can take a toll let me tell you!  But it was that damn guilt that had me trapped….

I do digress.  So I remember wishing I could have a surgery of some sort just so I could have a night alone.  That is called desperation my friends.  And it doesn’t have to be this way, but I made it that way for me.  So this is why THIS conference is my gift to moms everywhere.  It is my way of saying, “Please, don’t wish for a surgery.  That wouldn’t be fun now, would it?  Here is a great excuse to get away.  I have created the ‘excuse’ you are looking for because it’s not just being selfish you want to get away, is it?  No.  You want to better yourself.  Listen to inspiring speakers.  Refill your tank.  So YOU can BE a better mom.”

When I was at my wit’s end I suffered day-to-day struggles with my emotions, often taking them out on my kids.  I’m not proud of that.  But it’s the honest to goodness truth.  So if you’re yelling, slow down and take a look.  If you’re frustrated or tired, slow down and take a look.  If you feel resentment building in your marriage, slow down and take a look.

Look at what?  Is the reason you’re yelling, frustrated, tired or resentful because you just haven’t done a good job at taking care of yourself.  Truly.  When was the last time you got a legitimate break?  I don’t mean an hour to grocery shop alone.  I mean a night off.  A weekend off.  It is NOT selfish…I would argue that it is NECESSARY.

Ask yourself, “Is it reasonable that someone could operate in any job 24/7 indefinitely and not get worn-out?” Hello.  Of course not!  So why do we expect that of ourselves?  Stop arguing with me, I have been there, I had to overcome the guilt too, and I had to realize the guilt was unhealthy because I was not doing anything wrong when I took some time away.

So now I am breathing easier.  I am happier.  I am less stressed.  Yes, I am still super busy, but I am busy because I choose to be busy doing the things I love.  And hoping that you will do the same too.

If you want to read a little bit about some moms who also have taken a break, check out this recent article from the Wall Street Journal.  It’s all about a “Mommy Business Trip” and how moms are jumping on board with this idea that they need a break too.

So if any of this has resonated with you, join me at the Happy Mom Conference.  I’d love to give you a hug and welcome you to the tribe of moms who are happy because they know that to serve others gladly they first have to fill their tank!

Here’s the article and thanks to Diana Towsley for finding it for me.  I loved it!  The Mommy Business Trip


Moms Need a Break Too!

I’ve always wanted to write children’s books. How about you?  After reading thousands of them to my girls, and having been an elementary teacher in a former life, I kind of ‘get’ the format.  So instead of just telling you what’s up in a normal fashion I thought I’d tell you in a story format.  So snuggle up in a warm blankie and get a cup of hot tea and read your preview copy of:

The Short, Intriguing and Funny Birth
of the Happy Mom Conference
by, April O’Leary

Once upon a time…ok, not that long ago…ok, to be honest it really all started back in January, April O’Leary got this great idea for a mom’s conference one morning while out on a run.  (She always get her best ideas at 5 a.m., in the dark, alone out on the road…but I do digress…) So she thought about it.  “This could be a super fun idea! Yay!  BUT I’ve never done this before. Boo.  BUT I think it’s a super fun idea…Yay!,” and so the thoughts went on plaguing her until…she took action.

HINT: Taking action is the key if you’re in limbo. Just make the best decision you can from the info you have and move forward.  Let the end results shake out in the wash (as long as it’s sensible I mean…I do digress again….)

So here’s what she did.  April invited a few mom friends out for a breakfast meeting and she called a few others too and said, “Hey, what do you think of this conference?  Would you come?  Do you have any suggestions?  Good idea?  Bad idea?” and they said “Yay! We’ll come…but let’s change a few things first…there that’s better.”  They helped April refine her ideas tremendously (she is eternally grateful for their input…they know who they are!) and the structure of the Happy Mom Conference was born.

“Then what happened, April?” you ask.  Well thanks for asking!  I’ll tell you what happened next.  April put on her nicey nice clothes and heels and showed up at the Hyatt Coconut Point by herself to meet with Mike Doltch, the catering manager, to tell him about her idea for a Happy Mom Conference.  She loves pretending to be an adult!  You know you can never grow out of playing ‘dress-up.’

Phew.  That took some courage.  She even brought a notebook to look real official.  He asked her tons of specific questions like “How many people are coming?  What do you want to serve?  What dates are you looking at?” to which she said, “Hmmm, not sure about that one.  Oh, I see.  I need to tell you specifics.  Let me figure that out.”  That’s what happens when you take a leap of faith and plan something from an inspired idea…you just have to figure it out along the way.

Well that’s what she did.  Since that initial meeting she has been thinking of you A LOT…and of her old self and where she was just 6 short years ago.  Have you read her book Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living?  No?!  What?  You have to.  She was crazy back then (don’t tell her I said that!) but she tells it all in there.  Wow, it’s a doosie!  Frustrated mom meets angry housewives in Orange County…or something like that….

Anyhow she started asking herself, “If I were me back then when I was desperately needing a break and I was constantly running on empty what would I have wanted?  What would have been a life-saver for me?”  Here’s a little known secret about April.  Don’t tell anyone.  She used to dream of having a surgery or something like that just so she could get a night away!  Gosh, she was desperate…again don’t tell her I said that!

Now of course, I know that is not you, but I caution you that if you don’t take regular breaks and replenish your energy, trust me sister, it could be you in a few years.  Don’t balk at that one, it’s true.  I’ve seen it happen MANY times over.

So after many contracts back and forth and ideas refining and time passing quickly she wanted to tell you that today, IT IS FINISHED!  Well not entirely finished…you see she’s planned it but there is still one thing missing.  One thing she told me she can’t seem to do herself (yes like most moms, she likes to do it on her own, she’s one of those ‘do it yourself-ers’…but this one…well she needs your help…) and that is she needs YOU to come!

So how will this story end?  That is up to you!  Gee, it turns out this is like a ‘choose your own adventure book…who knew!”  So which page will you turn to next…

Will April realize her vision of the conference filled with happy moms, learning, laughing, having fun or will she be there alone, sitting in a corner, wishing she had never taken action in the first place?

You decide.  The rest is still unwritten…stay tuned for the conclusion of this gripping tale……this is NOT THE END!

So do you think I have what it takes to write children’s books?  Have you written something lately that you’d like to share with me?  Hit reply and send it over.  I’d be happy to check it out.

Also please take 1 minute (seriously it’s only 1 minute!) and watch the video below to see the TOP 10 reasons why you HAVE TO come spend the weekend with me at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point this Sept. 14-15.  There are WAY more than 10 reasons, but I boiled it down to the best ones….


I’m not sure what else to tell you except COME!  Ask for it for a Mother’s Day gift.  Invite a friend. And let me remind you that taking some time away to refuel your energy, learn something new and come away recharged and ready for the demands of motherhood is healthy.  In fact, it is necessary.  So in the words of Nike, “Just do it!”

Much love to you today and always!  Remember when you are with the University of Moms….being a happy mom just got easier!