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How Fear Can Paralyze You If You Let It

Photo Credit: BK,

Photo Credit: BK,

I stayed in a career for 20 years because of my fear of changing & doing what I love doing which I had lost sight of plenty of times but it never lost touch in me. However, after my daughter turned one, I consciously left my six-figure career 3 years ago with fear of so much (fear of what if, fear of money, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of not having control, fear of not being accepted for my decision). But you know what I knew for sure, I trusted my decision at the core of my being. I knew that being a stay-at-home-mom was where I needed my energies to be most. And ultimately through my daughter’s birth & all she has taught me, I was brought full circle, through The Universe, supporting my decision to do my life’s work both as a mom & life / parent coach & now blogging & serving others through my journey and helping them grow through theirs.

Rewind to the year my daughter was born (2011), I knew from that moment I was going to create and invite the opportunity for greater self -evolution. I was no longer going to allow the battle of the minds (so-speak) but instead I was going to manifest and put out into The Universe my desire to be at home with my daughter – pay heed and receive it in its due time. That September, my husband and I had a “meeting of the minds” (Labor Day weekend) to be exact and we discussed the “how to” plan so I could be a SAHM. Bottom line, we looked at everything from our finances, to our current situation to aligning our values (which we were already very much on the same page) and our understanding of what was going to need to change in order to make this happen. We literally created a “power-point” action plan. Then that December, just three months after I let go and let God, I had a call with my boss at the time and within that conversation when she shared much of what was going to “need” to happen the following year (from a sales perspective, travel requirements, etc) and I knew that this was my official sign from The Universe and my moment for departure. I was no longer going to serve a career that did not fulfill my inner being. I was not going to be “that mom” who came home from work – bitter, frustrated, worn-out all because it paid great. The cost was TOO HIGH for me to stay as opposed for me to leave.

After my call with my then boss, I called my husband and told him today is the day that I am giving my notice this week. Over the next five days, I called everyone one of our bill payers (reduced our bills where I could) and ended up saving us $500 per month (which although this was minimal compared to what I was making, it was a good determined start). Three years later, and through my conscious parenting journey, blogging, coaching, etc , God is providing me with many ways to earn an income again and doing the work I love and was called here to do.

So if this resonates with you in some capacity, I encourage you to take the steps, think through the process, lay out the plan, garner the support, be honest with yourself and follow your life’s path. You, your family and your children will all be better for it. I truly and whole-heartedly believe that God always provides. It may not be in the immediate way we perceive it or fantasize about but He provides in many others ways (money is the bonus) including our spiritual and emotional health being at the helm of the true value with bring into our lives and our children’s.

The transformation I’ve personally made plowing through fears & still plowing through them has been liberating & I think “what if” I never embarked upon my journey because of fear, I would not be here in this moment & what a disservice that would have been to myself, my daughter / family & others. This path & process to consciousness has allowed me to truly tap in, honor & trust my voice. I accept that as part of this ever-evolving journey, have a lot of self-talks and move through it. I look back at some of the fears I’ve come through & let them empower me for those that continue to arise.

What fears are holding you back from stepping into your true essence? 

How can you create more space to allow the organic flow for what is naturally ready to bare fruit in your light?


Moms and Making Money: A Winning Combination

Setting up a green screen….aaaaand ACTION!

I’m super excited to record some videos today with my new green screen setup and I wanted to show you what my living room looks like right now.  One video I have in mind for the future is to show you how to set up a green screen and what to buy.  I got all of this off Amazon for about $100.  Not bad, right?!  But that’s for another day.

Kids are off to school earlier than usual and for Florida it is a dark, cold and dreary day (I know we have nothing on you northerners, but it’s all perspective anyways) so I thought it would be a good day to do it.

Part of what I am recording are new videos for our website here.  In February I’m launching the University of Moms Business School to help you mommies who are in careers or are business owners be more tech savvy.  Let’s just say I have learned A LOT over the past 3.5 years of having my business and people are always asking me how I know how to do all this stuff.  So this was my answer to sharing this knowledge with you. 

7 years ago I launched my first business with Avon for just $10.  I’ll share that story with you in another post.  The great news is that it is still up and running without much effort from me and I make residual income every month, direct deposited to my bank.  Sound great? It is! So if you are a SAHM and you want an online business, like Avon, so you too can make some money from home then this is also for you.  

Whether you already have a business or are thinking you’d like to start one the UofMoms Business School is for you.  We’re going to talk about technology, sales, marketing, branding, developing your skill-set, adding value to your clients and more.  I’m going to feature the best experts around to help you grow your business to the level you want.  I’m also going to add in a monthly business coaching group membership, and launch a private business coaching mentorship program.

Let me know what you need.  I would love to customize a plan for you.

Post your comments below and share with me the things you’d like to see addressed here.  And while you’re at it make sure to subscribe to the University of Moms blog where I’ll be sharing both personal life lessons and business strategies to help you, the busy mom find peace, happiness and success in every area of your life.  Because being a mom and making money is surely a winning combination that will make you smile.

Being a Happy and Successful Mom Just Got Easier!

Much Love, April