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Moms and Making Money: A Winning Combination

Setting up a green screen….aaaaand ACTION!

I’m super excited to record some videos today with my new green screen setup and I wanted to show you what my living room looks like right now.  One video I have in mind for the future is to show you how to set up a green screen and what to buy.  I got all of this off Amazon for about $100.  Not bad, right?!  But that’s for another day.

Kids are off to school earlier than usual and for Florida it is a dark, cold and dreary day (I know we have nothing on you northerners, but it’s all perspective anyways) so I thought it would be a good day to do it.

Part of what I am recording are new videos for our website here.  In February I’m launching the University of Moms Business School to help you mommies who are in careers or are business owners be more tech savvy.  Let’s just say I have learned A LOT over the past 3.5 years of having my business and people are always asking me how I know how to do all this stuff.  So this was my answer to sharing this knowledge with you. 

7 years ago I launched my first business with Avon for just $10.  I’ll share that story with you in another post.  The great news is that it is still up and running without much effort from me and I make residual income every month, direct deposited to my bank.  Sound great? It is! So if you are a SAHM and you want an online business, like Avon, so you too can make some money from home then this is also for you.  

Whether you already have a business or are thinking you’d like to start one the UofMoms Business School is for you.  We’re going to talk about technology, sales, marketing, branding, developing your skill-set, adding value to your clients and more.  I’m going to feature the best experts around to help you grow your business to the level you want.  I’m also going to add in a monthly business coaching group membership, and launch a private business coaching mentorship program.

Let me know what you need.  I would love to customize a plan for you.

Post your comments below and share with me the things you’d like to see addressed here.  And while you’re at it make sure to subscribe to the University of Moms blog where I’ll be sharing both personal life lessons and business strategies to help you, the busy mom find peace, happiness and success in every area of your life.  Because being a mom and making money is surely a winning combination that will make you smile.

Being a Happy and Successful Mom Just Got Easier!

Much Love, April


How To Live Your Dreams Today

BYyauylIIAAEyTPOne of my favorite authors is Mike Dooley and this powerful quote is from his best selling book “Leveraging the Universe”.  Here’s my take on it.

It’s easy, too easy, to get stuck in the mindset of ‘when this happens…then this will happen.’  When they’re out of diapers, then we’ll start saving some money.  When they get past the terrible twos, then we’ll have a little more peace at home.  When they get into school, then it will be easier.  

But have you noticed that somehow that point in the future that you were dreaming would come just projects further into the future.  All it is, is a trap.  I can’t say I have ever heard any parent say, “Gosh now that little Bobby is out of diapers we are raking in the cash!”  Why? Because little Bobby now has toddler music class, eats more food and has more expensive clothing needs.  

Don’t wait until THEN arrives…it won’t.  

What is it that you really want to do? Open a business? Become a writer? Go back to school? Start a yoga studio? Homeschool your children? What would you need to do to make that happen?  Just step 1….

All you have to do is start with Step 1.  Not tomorrow.  Today.  Start today to live the dream you have for the future.  

Want to save some money?  Start with $5 this week in a shoe box.  Want to find more peace in your home?  Try implementing a sticker chart, or read a parenting book, seek out the help of a professional.  Want to make life easier, less rushed and more enjoyable? Then ask yourself what unnecessary tasks am I doing today that are sucking the life out of me and dump them.  

Stop rushing.  Stop cultivating unhealthy friendships.  Stop thinking ‘someday it will be different’.  It won’t.  Start by creating a dream list and then breaking it down into doable bite sized pieces.  Time order them.  What comes first?  What’s next?  Then what?  This is how you will reach your dream life.  One little step at a time.  Prioritize and focus.

So start with you.  Start today.  

===>Leave me a comment and let me know what your dream is and how you are going to take action to make it happen in the present.  If I can help you in any way, let me know that too.

For me? I am going to start focusing on reaching as many moms as possible through my blog, on social media and through the press so that they can learn how to be happy, live the lives they have always dreamt would be theirs and then raise their kids in an empowered and positive way not through words…but through actions.  Love you all!  April  

April O’Leary is a recognized life and business coach, author and speaker and the Founder of the University of Moms.  Join her today at to get access to the free download library full of amazing classes, interviews and workbooks to help you be the mom you have always wanted to be.  You’ll also receive our Signature Video e-Course “Find Time for You and Be Happier Too” as our gift to you.